Affairs of the heart

When things can go so sweetly…

ALAMNACA (Ulwa, Nicaragua) – To find one’s niche, to meet a kindered soul
PELAR LA PAVA (Carribean Spanish) – To be alone romancing one’s sweetheart
ANDARE IN CAMPOELLA (Italian) – To go into a secluded spot in the countryside to make love
HIZA O MAJIERU (Japanese) – To have an intimate talk (literally, to mingle each other’s knees)
QUEESTING (Dutch) – Allowing a lover access to one’s bed under the covers for a chit-chat
GHALIDAN (Persian) – To move from side to side as lovers, to roll, wallow or tumble

… how can they bo so bitter at the end?

AKI GA TATSU (Japanese) – A mutual cooling of love (literally, the autumn breeze begins to blow)
RAZBLYUTO (Russian) – The feeling for someone once but no longer loved
DEJAR CON EL PAQUETE (Spanish) – Abandoning a woman one has made pregnant (literally, to drop the parcel)
PLAQUÃ (French) – Dumped (literally, laid flat or rugby tackled)
CAVOLI RISCALDATI (Italian) – An attempt to revive a lapsed love affair (literally, reheated cabbage)

-Taken from the book “The Meaning of Tingo – And other extraordinary words from around the World”