Are you interested?

I think I still cannot get over the shock of this silly “Are you interested” app on Facebook. Yes, yes, yes I added it once and I admit that I ran through it a few times, hey it’s a great outlet when you’re bored on a rainy night. All women have imagined themselves in front of a line of men where they can just pick and choose without hurting anybody’s feelings, this is so like that! So anyhooo, I actually ended up deleting the thing because it was just plain stupid. Now I still keep getting these mails one after another, after another, somebody has clicked on me! So today I took another look and honestly, are these people for real?

a) Take Malek for example, he’s 42 and he’s from no idea where (PS?). His description said something like, “I’m a looser”, or at least that’s what I understood from the bunch of crap he wrote. Does he really think a girl is going to go for that faceless yucky hairy chest??

b) Then there’s Wayne, poor Wayne, 47 and from Australia, does Wayne really even look 47? Does this old man really think a 37 year old girl from Costa Rica is going to click back? Oh yes, I’d love to have a long distance relationship with a 60 yr old man thousands of miles away.

c) And Julian, from Taipei with the game-show-host-like photo, I won’t even get started on this one.

d) Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, the red neck with the long hair from Florida, dude, is that hair for real? I’m really hoping that this pic is from way back in the 90’s and not an updated one because he sure is going to have a very hard time to get some chick to click back on him here LOL

e) And finally, Wayno! who in the world has a name like that? Dude, again, you are 28, live in Liberia somewhere and you’re clicking on a 37 yr old chick from Costa Rica, get a grip!

Maybe all guys at some point also dream of having an imaginary line-up of women, but after taking one look at this list of guys, I will for sure never ever click on this ever again. I mean, what can we really know about a person by their picture? Yes I’m the one being judgmental today, but honestly, just one look at this line-up of photos, and I just had to blog about it!