Ten Things I Learned from My Cat

1. Always be ready to play. Know how to recognize the playful look in the person you love, and immediately start playing.

2. When you are happy to see someone, stretch your arms up to him or her and ask to be picked up.

3. If the person you love forgets to feed you dinner, don’t take it personally. Instead, run to sit by your plate and look hungry.

4. Talk to the one you love, incessantly and constantly. It makes him or her feel loved, appreciated and important.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask to be touched. Just falling down and looking cute works well. Otherwise, rubbing up against the person you love will do the trick.

6. If you keep asking for attention and don’t get any, try disappearing suddenly. Then, don’t come back for a little while, even if you are called. Your loved one will think twice before ignoring you next time.

7. Show your love and adoration by bringing presents. Make sure to stand by your present and get fully appreciated.

8. Purr when the person you love is anywhere near you. It will encourage him or her to get closer to you while feeling appreciated.

9. Encourage the person you love to take naps with you. When you take naps together, make sure to cuddle up under the blanket and get as close as you can.

10. Always comfort the person you love, regardless of whether he or she needs emotional or physical comfort. Cuddling, purring, and being sat on are sure cures for almost anything.

Written by Rinatta Parie