When the economy is down, we need to step it up!

Back in September, Rob Rothman (President of our partner company Pinsource) sent a few words with his monthy report about today’s economy and how it has began to affect our business. At our company and in our line of work we need to keep up to date in order to stay on top of our business and it is extremely important to re-invent ourselves every now and then to keep things fresh and interesting. I was very interested in Rob’s words “If we continue to do the same thing in the future as we’ve done in the past, we will surely fail”. This is very true, not only for our partner companies but for any business around the world. Competition is tough and we need to keep striving to remain focused and stay on top.

I was very motivated by Rob’s mail, especially the part that said that we all had to take a look at our comfort zones and expand them. I decided to do a little research online about how the economy is changing the way we do business. Of course, since I’m more in tune about design and web, I have come up with a collection of articles that can help us change our way of thinking when it comes to doing business in the years to come.

With gas prices soaring and the credit crisis worsening, it’s becoming harder and harder to do business as usual. It’s no longer cost effective to drive everywhere to do business, and if it’s hard to keep up with your loan, working out of the office is expensive too. And if you depend on your customers to come to you, it’s likely you’ll notice a poor turnout.

Having a website puts your business on the map. It is no secret that the internet has made running a business easier than ever. But, if you are going to be successful, you need to do it right. If a consumer is looking for a local business and you don’t have a professionally designed website, you aren’t even a consideration for that consumer. Being able to position your business directly in front of your consumer is key when having a professionally designed website built.

Websites today are very flexible, cost effective and easy to run. They can be custom tailored and at the same time give you full access to run your own maintenance at no extra cost. But, it doesn’t stop there, you need to make sure that you are found. SEO has changed a lot during this year, we have made a fast switch from key words and link building to social bookmarking and blogging.

I have found a few articles that talk a little about SEO today and the whole social media business and networking. If we need to change our thinking, this is certainly something that will help us understand how people do business today.


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