Chinatown love

What’s not to love about Chinatown? Stinky sidewalks with tons of people selling herbs, flowers, fruit, trinkets, rice cakes and anything else China. You can barely move, the smell of fish perfumes the sidewalks and pigs heads peep out of restaurant windows… a very different world than ours. The smells, the colours, the people, the history and the traditions, it’s the perfect place to people-watch and just soak in anything new and different from what you see every day back home. At night, the restaurants become busy and you just need to step in and be adventurous with a couple of funky smelling dumplings together with the worst service in town. They say Chinatown is concentrated human contact, its rude and direct, never apologizes or pretends… and this is why I love it so much!

Following, a little collection of photographs taken in Chinatown Toronto and Chinatown New York (photos by myself and Ed Klein)

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