A perfect message

So… tomorrow is my birthday, yuck!! I keep avoiding the subject of my birthday because I feel i’m getting way way too close to 40 and I’m hating every minute of it! Anyhooo… I had a wonderful day today with my younger brother and sister together with my kids, we did a nice little spontaneous road trip (pics coming soon!). So when I got home I checked my Facebook and found the perfect birthday message:

Hey gal! I know your b-day is not until tomorrow but… I had to be the first, right?
Every once in a lifetime there comes one person into your life that makes a difference: because of their personality, or because of the moment they showed up, or simply because you know the friendship is for real. If you are really lucky then you may have several of these little angels in your life.
I am very lucky to have you as friend, you are an amazing woman, strong and very smart, and an incredible friend. One that has been there at my lowest lows, when not even the people i have had forever in my life were there.
Believe it or not you have helped pick up the pieces and put the puzzle together: with your incredible advice and your incredible writting… you have no idea what your blogging has done!!!!
A big hug for you amiga in your birthday, and I wish only the best for you on this day y siempre!!!!

Thank you girl, you have no idea how much those words mean to me!! A lot of the stuff on my blog is the result of me falling flat on my face over and over again without learning many lessons. To know that it has helped you, and to know that I have friends like you… it means the world to me.