100 facts about me that you probably don’t know

1. I’m a British citizen
2. I was born in Darlington, England
3. I grew up in Mexico DF
4. I moved to Costa Rica when I was 10 years old
5. My birth father still lives in Mexico
6. I’m a mom
7. My grandparents married by proxy
8. My favourite childhood doll was Raggedy Ann
9. I was nominated Spring Queen when I was in kindergarden
10. I collect Shel Silverstein books
11. I loved reading Paddington books when I was a child
12. I’ve visited every single pyramid in Mexico and Central America
13. I was a punk when I was 15
14. As a teen I spent my summers in Wasaga Beach, Canada
15. I used to weigh the most 100 pounds
16. I’ve been to Guatemala
17. I’ve been to El Salvador
18. I’ve been to Honduras
19. I’ve been to Belize
20. I’ve been to Panama
21. I’m a moody and seasonal reader
22. I used to be a B+ student in high school
23. I’m 5’5
24. I have I blood brother and 3 half brothers
25. I have one half sister
26. I love my brother’s and sisters all just the same
27. I used to dress as wonder woman when I was 6 and walk around the neighbourhood with my lasso
28. I never wear earrings
29. I used to have flat feet
30. I used to bite my nails
31. I despise the dentist with a fierce passion
32. I had nicknames such as skinny, straw, skeleton and reincarnation
33. I never watch scary movies
34. I’m right handed
35. My grandma taught me how to eat and cut my meat like a lady
36. She also taught me how to lay the table properly
37. I am extremely organized
38. I hate when people touch my stuff and don’t put it back
39. I hate gossip
40. I sometimes speak my mind without thinking
41. I was a little crazy in high school
42. I graduated from a christian high school
43. I love chocolate
44. I suffer from migraines
45. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks (never in public)
46. In the 29 years I’ve been in Costa Rica I have lived in 12 different houses
47. I used to be a pro gymnast when I was 10
48. Now I can barely touch my toes
49. I hate yoga (only because I can’t touch my toes)
50. I ate one too many cheese and onion sandwiches when I was in high school
51. I’ve lost count of how many boyfriends I’ve had in my life
52. My first kiss was under a tree in the corner of my street when I was 12
53. I used to fall in love all too easily (not anymore)
54. I type VERY fast
55. Spanish and English are both my native languages
56. I think in English
57. I’m 39
58. I’m a great observer, I see things other people rarely do
59. I have a scary sixth sense
60. My female intuition never fails me
61. I married my high school sweetheart
62. I was married for 10 years
63. I have been divorced for 11 years
64. I have two kids, Francesca and Kyle
65. Francesca is 19
66. Kyle is 18
67. I’d give my life for my kids
68. I spent half of my married life on the beach
69. I love the mountains
70. I love snow
71. I giggled like a 4 year old when I saw my first snowflake
72. We had the first Atari in the neighbourhood
73. I love Christmas
74. I studied Fine Arts
75. I used to paint and draw
76. I’m a frustrated photographer (a better camera would help)
77. I fell on my back from a second floor when I was 28
78. As a result of that I have a twisted spine
79. I hate doing dishes
80. I hate ironing
81. What number am I on?
82. I could go on forever
83. I wish my kids could study abroad
84. I don’t like latin men
85. I’ve been to Buenos Aires, Argentina
86. I love fixing things in my house
87. I have never been jobless in my life
88. I started working the day after I graduated from high school and never stopped
89. Did I mention that I love my kids?
90. I love 80’s and 90’s music
91. I love traveling
92. I’ve been to Florida (many times)
93. I’ve been to Washington DC (twice)
94. I’ve been to Maryland, Virginia & Pennsylvania
95. I’ve been to New York City (and I need to go back again)
96. I fell in love with the MoMA
97. I’ve been Geocashing in New Jersey & Delaware
98. I’ve been to Michigan
99. I only hate two people in my life so far
100. One of my dearest friends died of cancer last year
101. I still remember when he arrived drunk at my house at 4am with a pate sandwich and chocolate cake
102. I hate lies
103. I hate hypocrite people
104. My heart has been broken one too many times
105. I’m scared of the ocean
106. I get VERY dark when I sunbathe
107. Shit… am I over 100?
108. I guess I’ll carry on…
109. I’m scared to have my heart broken one more time
110. Shopping is the best therapy ever
111. I have a heart murmur
112. It gets worse when I’m anxious or sad
113. When I’m in love, I’m all in (unfortunately)
114. I love channel surfing on the TV
115. I miss having my kids around
116. I like to drive fast
117. I can be a little proud sometimes (I’m learning…)
118. I hate when people play around with me
119. I learned how to drive race cars before I drove a normal car
120. I’m terrible at telling jokes
121. I like gadgets
122. I’ve kissed 2 boys in one day
123. I have a terrible memory (which is making this very difficult!)
124. My pinkie toe nail is incredibly tiny
125. I have tiny hands
126. I love Sushi
127. I’ve been to Las Vegas (four times)
128. I’ve been to Colorado (three times)
129. I’ve snowboarded Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone
130. I’ve done a fishing road trip through Nebraska and Wyoming
131. I’ve been to Utah
132. I’ve been to Arizona
133. I’ve been to Texas
134. I’ve been to Toronto many times and I’d love to live there someday
135. I’m an amazing cook (It runs in the family…)
136. I love Thai and Indian food
137. I would love to become a vegetarian
138. My kids mean everything to me
139. I don’t smoke
140. I’m a very affectionate person
141. I don’t take rejection very well
142. I love road trips, the more spontaneous, the better
143. I would love to have a camper
144. Sometimes I talk too much
145. I’ve been to California where I drove from L.A. to Bakersfield, up to San Francisco and back down the coastline to Laguna Beach
146. I fell in love with San Francisco
147. I’ve been to Alberta, Canada
148. I want to live in Alberta
149. I’m a slow eater
150. I’m tired….