The beauty of Spooning


Spooning, the horizontal version of a hug. Sounds a lot dirtier than what it is, looks like a hug but feels like a boner. The non sexual embrace that can provide the most intimate bond between two people, like a very emotional hug from behind. Wether you’re the “big spoon” or the “little spoon”, wrapping your arms around the other person gives you a feeling of being fully content, it’s almost too hard to describe.

Ah the beauty of the little things, like two little spoons laying there together in the kitchen draw.

A hug… ranges from a random pat to an everlasting feeling of your heart being touched, creating goosebumps and the feeling of not wanting to let go, like you’re holding the whole world in your arms whilst you feel the other person’s heartbeat.

Spooning, oh so much more!