[Today is my 40th birthday, I’m far away from home and trying to figure out what life has in store for me. Between all the Facebook posts and messages, tweets & emails I got a special message from my mom, she attached this poem which she has written herself throughout the years…snif! Happy Birthday to me!]

I can remember, as a child, how each year seemed an eternity,
In fact, sometime, each day seemed an eternity.
Often, I would while away the hours dreaming about the day I would be 10.

Then one morning, I was suddenly 10,
Somehow it was a magical number, not one but two digits.
I was growing up at last, getting older, but how I longed to be a teenager.

I did not have to wait too long, suddenly I was 13,
Years filled with getting to know who I was and trying to figure out what I wanted to be.
Getting to know that person in the mirror, but how I yearned to be an adult.

Then before I could blink an eye I was 20,
I had made it at last, an adult, my passport to the big league.
The world at my feet, this was my time.

Caught in a whirlwind I was suddenly 30,
Somehow, things seemed to fall into place and make sense.
I was not only an adult, but had the sophistication and flair to go with it, a new world at my feet. Then before I realized, I was 40,
Getting old, no way, now I could add maturity to my repertoire.
I was someone with style and confidence and new doors to open.

When I reached 50, I was eager to find out what it would bring,
Could there possibly be anything new left in my life.
Grey hair, respect and command, I felt I was just starting to live life all over again.

I still have to wait and see what my 60’s will bring,
However, I am sure it will be full of new adventures.
I can hardly wait!

How old is one . . . just a figment of our imagination,
As we celebrate each year, each stage brings a new adventure into our lives.
Age a celebration of our own personal journey in life to be savored and enjoyed.