Back to old-fashioned reading

I spend way too much time online, between work, life & constant learning I’ve lost touch with the pleasure of holding an old fashioned book in my hands.

So, this is the homework I’ve given myself for the next month (or two!) Please feel free to ask me where I am, it will help me get through them if you hold me to it!

“You Are Here” by Thomas M. Kostigen: In my efforts to be “greener” every day I decided to go vegetarian. With this book I hope to become more aware about what I do on a daily basis and how it affects our planet. “Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe: Because crowdsourcing is part of a vital change that we are all living right at this moment, I thought this had to be a must read for my work.

“The Smashing Book #2”: I constantly need to push myself to learn more and more about anything and everything in the business, thought this would refresh some stuff and will be good reference too.

“Women, Work & The Art of Savoir Faire” by Mirelle Guiliano: I’ve already started on this one, it reminds me of why I made the change to work from home. Hopefully it will help me go further and learn a few secrets on how to keep a balance between life and what I do to pay my bills.

Happy reading to me!