A year of stats

About once or twice a week I take a few minutes to check the stats of my blog… sometimes it’s fun, other times it’s boring. Fun to see certain long lost friends/lovers who keep coming back all the time, what they’re looking for I have no idea, maybe they think one day I’ll have the need to write about them (not!). It’s interesting when I get weird visits from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore or Belgium… and they actually arrive by Googling ‘Ann Brampton’ – weird! Then there’s the boring stuff which is all the visits that I can’t really put my finger on! Ok, maybe they’re not boring but frustrating when I can’t figure out who’s reading me… and usually I am!

Anyway, today someone from London arrived at my blog by searching “blogs about love” and they managed to stay long enough to read 52 pages, that’s a lot!. I became curious and took a peek of my stats for 1 whole year, 2010 to 2011… which is not much if you consider that i’ve been writing since 2007.

For starters, 15,000 visits? wow, I had no idea I had become that interesting, I guess, not sure interesting is the word. I’ve never really cared about numbers, of any sort.

“Why do we always want what we can’t have”… these words are what have lead the majority of strangers to my writings, that’s kinda sad! Long ago I used to write a lot about that, about missing, about unrequited love, about moving on. Not anymore. Not that I have found my better half, I still seem to be working on that, but I’ve learned so many lessons along the way that I just don’t dwell on things like I used to anymore.

“Booty call”, “why do women fake it” and crappy stuff like “brampton booty” or “brampton slut” also rake in quite a few visits. For those of you who have never been to Canada, there’s a town in Ontario named Brampton, you know, just in case you were wondering. And talking about countries, USA tops my list, then Costa Rica and then Canada. I guess the order is wrong as Costa Rica is my home country and Canada is my second fave but I’m ok with that, lately I seem to be falling out of love with Canada anyway.

So what does all this say to me?
1. I’m all over the place, it seems lol
2. I’m thinking, maybe i should divide my blog and have a personal one and a work one (oh wait, that means double the work, ok no thanks)
3. I should just blog more
4. Maybe I’ve shared too much personal information
5. But then again, what else would I write about, I’m an artist at heart, we inject our feelings into everything we do.
6. Maybe I do blog about love, or the lack of it… I guess I’ll have to take a few to think about that.