On Social Media Management and Tattoos…

Yesterday I decided to drive out and visit a tattoo shop across town where I had last been in the year 2000. For years I’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo, a ring on my finger with my kid’s names, I like to plan and think tattoos very well, you know, they are kinda for life. So I dropped work and drove over, thought I’d talk to the guys, get some ideas and get excited about it all… hell, if it all went well I was even willing to get it done right there and then!

Upon arrival the guy was a little rude, cold, impersonal, he kept cutting me off as I was trying to describe what I had in mind. Once I was done he insisted that it could not be done… dude, I work online, I did my research, I know it can be done. Far from any reality show you’ve seen on TV, the guy sounded like he was selling me a piece of furniture and totally gave me the worst vibe. I walked out of the shop and vowed never to go back there again.

As I was driving home I was upset, I still can’t understand how places have such poor customer service, from a small tattoo shop to the biggest of department stores and brands. Is it too difficult to be kind, courteous and friendly? If someone walks into your tattoo shop wanting to brand their skin for life, the least you can do is talk to them, understand that what they’re doing is extremely personal and not make them feel like they’re in a rush to purchase a useless item.

About a month ago I was talking business with a friend and his comments on Social Media were that it’s all just plain and simple PR, and he’s kinda right. I’ve always thought that Social Media is one of the greatest tools for customer service, those that have figured out how to do it right. The way that you talk to people matters, wether you’re in a tattoo store on talking to someone on Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have become great channels to know how your customers, buyers and fans experience your services or your products, and the feedback they provide is worth millions.

As a Social Media Manager, I always keep in mind that I’m representing a company, a brand and there’s no room to be impersonal, rude or cold. It’s not hard to talk to people and there’s no reason why we must treat them as a transaction or even just a possible sale. This is one of the beauties (in my opinion) about Social Networks, it gives brands the opportunity to speak directly to their customers and support them. As a consumer, you have a need to connect with your favourite brand (or Lovemark!) and Social Media proves the channel for this.

As for my tattoo, I really wanted to feel a connection with the person who was going to mark my skin forever, have it done or leave the place even more excited about getting this done. Instead, I walked away, disappointed and I most probably will never set foot in there ever again!