Social Media Management: Like ‘Keeping a Man’

As a full-time workaholic I must admit that I have the most embarrassing guilty pleasure ever… on my down time I visit brainless websites about celebrities, gossip or personal advice. I should in fact be doing something physical (step away from the computer!) but as I’m tired enough from strategizing and monitoring I just need some mental chewing gum to disconnect myself from work.

The other night I was reading an article about the do’s and don’ts on ‘keeping your man’, not that I have much time for one right now but you know, just to keep myself in the loop! Funny enough, as I seem to relate everything to work lately, I realized how narrow a difference there actually was between Social Media Management (what I do every day) and the basics on how to ‘Keep a man’!

Let’s run through the ‘Do’s & Don’ts’

a) Respect him: Yes, agreed! Respect is a huge word in Social Media too, a lot of Social Media Management has to do with common sense, mutual respect, don’t do onto others as you would have them do to you. When you’re out there speaking for a brand, mutual respect should be big in your book.

b) Talk to each other: Conversation, conversation, conversation! Yes this is the basis of all good relationships and so it is for Social Media too. People online normally do not like to talk to brands, they like to talk to people. Self promotion, pushy messages and spamming are a big no-no in Social Media, just talk to people, it’s not that hard!

c) Be an open book: Ok, relationship-wise I have my reservations on “telling all” but in Social Media transparency is very important. I once worked with a company who refused to publish their address or a valid email for contact, not good! If you open your brand to Social Media, you have to be willing to expose yourself and show your customers and fans who you are.

d) Look after your appearance: Totally agree on this one and works both ways. As a Social Media and Web Development consultant design is very important to me. As an online user, a well-polished and branded company Facebook Page makes a world of difference. Adding a well-designed profile picture and landing tab to a Facebook Page shows that you care and that you’re serious about your business.

e) Don’t argue: Impossible in relationships but oh well! One of the first things I suggest to companies is: Social Media Policies! Having a well written crisis plan for your Social Media Marketing strategy is key. Online transparency is an invitation for customers and fans to give you feedback on your business, this brings the good with the bad & vice-versa. Be prepared to handle these issues and know when to keep them public and when to take them offline.

f) Don’t focus only on what he can do for you: It’s very easy to fall into selfish ways, in life or at work. Although it’s clear that Social Media Marketing must be tied to a goal and ROI you must also be aware that you can’t take and take without giving. As an online brand you must talk with (not to) your customers, ask what they like or don’t like, don’t focus on the sale as you’ll probably fail at it.

g) Don’t talk bad about his friends: I’ve met some a-mazing people online through the many brands and companies I’ve worked with, from peeps that drop all wordily possessions and travel the world to a great barista in downtown Melbourne. It’s easy to get caught up in friendly conversations online. Never forget that you’re speaking for a brand, as much as you need to prove that you’re human, think twice about what you write and if you have doubts, always ask.

h) Compliment and support him: There’s one too many tricks on attracting online fans and followers, I’ve always liked the “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” effect. Mentioning other’s successes and sharing their stories & links can actually be of great benefit to you (not direct competition of course). Don’t be selfish on Social Media as others will feel your vibe and not pay back the favor.

i) Don’t moan too much: One of my greatest pet-peeves is negative people. There is absolutely no room in Social Media for a bad day. If you need to vent about something always do it on your personal account. It is understood that we must prove to be human behind a branded account but don’t ever post if you’re in a bad mood or feel that you cannot inject a positive vibe into your messages.

j) Hold back and tease him: Aaahh the games people play! Want to be interesting online? Then BE interesting. Tease your fans, ask them questions, engage them in your content and your posts. Nobody wants to read a boring posting robot, create a personality and make others fall in love with your presence.

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