20 Reasons why I should be a paid travel blogger

ann-travel-blogger-21. I write good lol.. ;)
2. I have a British passport, nothing can stop me there!
3. I speak, read & write perfect English and Spanish, 2 languages are enough right?
4. I’m a good communicator
5. I’m easy going, relaxed, no stress in my life
6. I love to travel
7. I’m good with maps
8. I’m not afraid to try new things, new places, new food (ok wait, not extra weird stuff!)
9. I sleep well on planes
10. I’m an ace at blogging, social media, marketing online, yea I can really handle all that web stuff
11. Nothing ties me down right now
12. Nobody ties me down either lol
13. I have a very very large bucket list
14. I dream of visiting new places, seeing new things, learning new cultures, sharing with new people, enjoying different places
15. I love the outdoors and i’m really great at doing research
16. Put me in an RV, hop me on a plane, stick me in a car, push me into a train, i’m game!
17. Being “on the road” makes me happy
18. I promise I’ll write and share my heart out about everything I do, everywhere I go and everything I eat (pics included!)
19. Ah yes, I’m pretty good with a camera too, good artistic eye
20. I’m creative
21. I make friends easily
22. I’m a great cook… wait, does that even count?
23. I pack light and I pack quickly
24. I have a lot of patience at airports, that’s a huge plus now-a-days!
25. I’m ready… where am I off to?