My 5 favourite spots from my travels… (so far!)

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” ~Susan Sontag

One of the few things that makes me happy, other than my kids, is travel. I love waking up in a new city, the rumble & butterflies as my flight takes of, a fun long road trip filled with new smells, new locations & new people. I just can’t travel enough, every day I can think of new places I want to to add to my bucket list, cities that make me curious… if only!

I’ve been around, never as much as I wish but then again, I’ve been crazy lucky to add many locations to my travel list. I’ve had amazing trips, so-so ones and really really bad ones lol, I won’t talk about those. What I do want to share is 5 of my top favourite places:

Ann-Brampton-Travel-Rocky Mountain-National-Park-01

1. Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA)
Hiking up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park was amazing, it was winter time and it was a perfect Colorado day, blue skies, crisp air. Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt as soon as I turned the corner and saw the lake. Wow falls short, awesome too, breathtaking maybe! No place on earth has made me tear like this spot, the high peaks in the distance with the breeze slowly blowing off the snow, the frozen ripples on the lake, the whistling wind of the mountains. Dream Lake is certainly top on my list so far, until I find my new one!

Ann-Brampton-Travel-Waterton-National-Park-Canada-022. Prince Wales Hotel, Waterton National Park (Alberta, Canada)
Waterton National Park was a great surprise road trip when I was in Alberta. I had no idea where we were headed, all I knew was that we were going to visit some old hotel on top of a cliff. Hah! Boy was I pleasantly surprised… the views, the glacier water, the wildlife, the quaint town and standing on the edge of that cliff outside the hotel, just priceless! This was during the Spring/Summer season and I would go back in the blink of an eye!


Ann-Brampton-Travel-Mojave-Desert-2010-023. Mojave Desert (California, USA)
Believe it or not, my visit to the Mojave Desert in California was on a bike, yes, a motorbike! I wish I could say I crossed the desert on a bike because of course I didn’t but I did ride some of it and it was simply spectacular! Hill after hill, endless sand, wild flowers, piles of rocks, just miles and miles of the same thing over and over again. It was quiet and peaceful, not a single soul around, like being on another planet (I would imagine). This visit was part of a big road trip, drove from L.A. up to Bakersfield, the Kern River area, then up to San Francisco and back down Highway One, simply amazing!

Ann-Brampton-Travel-Manuel-Antonio-CostaRica-20134. Manuel Antonio National Park (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)
Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park is my local favourite. Of course Costa Rica has so much to do and see but there’s just something about being here. Forbs listed this spot as one of the 12 most beautiful national parks. The tropical forest of this park reaches the beach creating beautiful coves, shade and even some mini-beaches among the rocks. Snorkelling here is amazing and so is kayaking, hiking among playing monkeys or just laying on the beach under the trees is the best.



5. City of Toronto (Canada)
I love big cities as much as I love the outdoors and I’ve visited many of them. There’s just simply no place like Toronto, the artsy streets, the vintage stores, the graffiti store fronts, the coffee shops, the people, the punk neighbourhoods & even the winter slush! I’ve been visiting Toronto since I was a teenager and I just never get bored of it, every time I go back there’s new things to do and new things to see, people to meet, roads to walk.

Yes I have a large travel bucket list and it ranges from countries to special spots outdoors, like Zion National Park in Utah, Yosemite National Park in California and Banff National Park in Canada. I want to walk on a Glacier, I want to hike 14ers, I also want to do a long canoe camping trip. I’ve lived in Mexico, I’ve seen all of Central América, visited most of the USA… I’d like to go on a safari in Africa, walk the streets of London (again, I was too young!), lay on a beach in Hawaii, eat a spicy curry in India or some fresh sushi in Japan. Oh yes a girl can dream!