On Travel and Waiting

Many times before I’ve talked and rambled about waiting… life is so full of moments that involve waiting, for something to happen, for jobs, kids, money, love. I’m not the most patient person but I’ve been learning! Little by little life has taught me to slow down, not rush things and even more, I’ve learned to just enjoy all the little moments and things instead of pushing and waiting for the big ones.

With all my new travel writing, of course I knew at some point I had to include this topic into my articles. Travel is one of my big loves and it’s also involved a lot of waiting, waiting to have budget, waiting for an opportunity, a destination, waiting at airports, standing in line in Immigration, and the list goes on.

My latest post on Vagabondish – Travel 101: 5 Tips for Not Going Insane While Stranded in an Airport. Loved this post as it was my first feature, good stuff! :)