It’s the little things that count…

Ann Brampton Costa Rica Coffee 02 Oct 2013I was rushing out of my house early this morning, it’s been a rough week so far and I knew the work day would go better if I started it with a coffee at hand. I always drive to a corner store, get that instant machine Nescafé stuff, vanilla latte is my favorite.

As I was heading out my driveway and stepped out of my car, there was a street sweeper just a couple meters away – “Buenos días!” he said, I said good morning back to him and drove off. I began to think, here I am zooming off for coffee before I sit in my house to work on my computer. This guy is probably sweeping the streets from 8am to 5pm, 80 degree weather and who knows what kind of junk he’s seen or worse, touched.

Even though he has a shitty job, he was carrying a smile and was kind enough to look up and say good morning. We often forget to be kind, to smile. I always smile at strangers just to see if they’ll smile back, most people rarely do. I bought two cups of coffee and on my way back I stopped where he was sweeping and handed him a cup. “Gracias, gracias por el trabajo que usted hace todos los días”.

I thanked him for his work, and although a coffee in 80 degree weather wasn’t the best idea (I later realised he would have appreciated a Gatorade instead), I’m pretty sure I made his day. I forget sometimes too, we get so wrapped up in our days that we forget to do little things for each other, things that count.

Later on in the day, I was closing the gates of my driveway and an old man walked over, closed the gates for me. Kindness, it’s not that hard.

Just a few minutes ago, on the phone with someone special, I thanked him, I thanked him for making me smile every day and told him how happy I was to have him in my life. It’s not too hard, to thank people for the little things, as it’s the little things that count.