Adding to my love for the Outdoors…

Ann Brampton hiking Sedona Arizona 02It’s no secret to my family, friends and readers that I absolutely love being outdoors. I grew up camping with my family as a child, it was one of those vintage orange & brown canvas tents on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I must admit that sleeping in a tent on the beach in 100% humidity wasn’t among my favorite things as a child but it obviously had some effect on me as now I could do it many times over.

I was writing a post today on one of the Facebook Pages I manage and I asked the readers: What has “the love for the outdoors” taught you? For me, it’s taught me to go slow, walk slow and enjoy every sight, every sound (this applies to being outside & life in general). It’s also taught me to notice more details, the little things, observe, appreciate. Last but not least it’s taught me to breathe, take it all in, it’s such a wonderful world out there, too much to do & see!

So I’d love to write about visiting places such as the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park or even Zion (sigh!)… all these are hight on my bucket list. I can say I’ve been lucky enough to hike places such as Sedona, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Sequoia Forest, Waterton Nation Park, etc and also local spots such as many volcanoes and National Parks in Costa Rica such as the stunning Manuel Antonio National Park. Hey, can’t complain!Ann Brampton VW Westy Camper 2014

So this year… i’ve decided to take a little break from traveling and focus on something new: local Costa Rica. I still have much to do & see, places like Corcovado National Park, Bahía Ballena, beaches such as Santa Teresa, Santa Rosa, etc. For this I made a new purchase, a vintage 1968 VW Westfalia Camper Van. I’ve been looking for years and finally found one that was in great condition at a great price. I’ve got some work to do, mostly cosmetic and tons of scrubbing and cleaning lol.

Say hello to my new Westy! I’m ecstatic about this new adventure… my plan is to visit all these places with this van, hopefully it will make it & that’s what I’m working on. Again, so much to do  & see so wish me luck! :)