Thanks to Mountain Obsession – GMTM Profile

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As I’m days away from flying back to Colorado for a few months I’ve been featured as a “Global Mountain Tribe Member” of Mountain Obsession – here’s a huge thanks for including me.

Here’s the full article:

The outdoors has been a part of my life for a long, long time. Only until now that my kids are all grown up I’ve had the opportunity to really indulge and start ticking things off my very long list.

My next adventures? This summer I’ll be doing an 8 day rafting Desolation Gray in Utah, I’m hopping to do some paddle boarding on Lake Powell. I’ll also be backpacking Ice Lakes in Colorado, also the full 34 mile Escalante Canyon trail (in a long weekend). I’m aiming to hike some of Banff in August too, reach the tea houses & take in all the beauty of that area. And of course, in between I’m hoping to do a lot of local day-hikes. So much to do, so little time… :)

Here’s to the outdoors, because life’s too short not to spend time doing the things you love!