SM Management


What you do on a daily basis to your Social Media accounts is key to your overall strategy. Stop posting for a few weeks and you don’t only lose fans but algorithms kick in and you lose momentum. As content was key in blogging, daily upkeep is extremely important to any Social Media strategy.

Getting to know what your fans and followers like is no easy task and Social Media is a trial and error process. Engagement is key, talking to your followers instead of pushing your products, listen to them, you share a topic of interest, make your profiles the place to go.

One of my key skills is creating engagement, getting to know what the fans like and creating fun content to spark conversations and therefore “Likes”, “Loves”, “Comments” and even better, “Shares”.

My daily management services include the following (according to contract of course)

  • Working together with your company to find the best use of time and strategies according to your needs
  • Daily Facebook posting, engaging, monitoring the brand, messages, conversations, etc
  • Daily Twitter posting and engagement (if applicable), with the correct use of hashtags
  • Daily Instagram posting and engagement (if applicable), with the correct use of hashtags
  • Pinterest upkeep and growth, creating content that links to your website as well as products, etc (according to business)
  • Daily monitoring of accounts
  • Staying on top of changes in Facebook rules, strategies, design as well as other platforms

PRICE: My contracts are based on hours per week (minimum of 5) and at a rate between USD $20 to USD $25. (*This does not include Upwork fees)

NOTE: I am also open to monthly fees.