SMM Training


Not every business has to hire a Social Media Manager. Sometimes, having someone in-house is key to a business and the way you do things online. Someone how knows the ins-and-outs of your business, your services and/or your products. Sometimes this person just doesn’t have the skills for Social Media but has potential.

Social Media can be a great outlet for customer service, even more through Facebook. Training someone in your company for Social Media is easier than training an SMM about your company.

I provide Social Media Training for companies or brands who would like to keep it in-house. How should you be speaking to your fans? What’s the best strategy in posting your products? Using “we” instead of “I” is key when speaking for the company. How do you manage a crisis situation online?

All these are key elements on handling Social Media accounts for a brand or a company.

In addition to training I am also able to provide you with Social Media Policies. These are key in keeping your current SMM in check as well as any others that you may hire in the future. Give them guidelines as to how they should behave online, what language to use, rely on using “emoticons”, or not. These guidelines will be a handbook for you no matter who is managing your accounts with clear instructions on how they must speak for your business as well as how they should handle any crisis situation that should come up online.

PRICING: As a one-time project, these services are quoted according to needs and the size of the company. They can range from USD $800 to over USD $2,000.

DELIVERY: Social Media Policies take about a week to deliver and require a good communication channel with a representative in order to include specific needs of the company. Training is done online via Skype, sessions depend on the amount of information needed.