ann-brampton-social-media-consulting-I have worked in Social Media for over 8 years now and managed projects around the world, from one of the leading camping & RVing companies in the USA, large musical productions in Australia to Virgin Radio in Vancouver.

I currently focus my services online. I can help you with one-time consulting, Social Media strategies, training your Social Media Manager or daily management.

Here’s a detailed list of how I can help you and your company:

Not everybody should be on Social Media and what works for one company may not work for the other. A solid foundation can make all the difference in the world, this is how I can help you:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES: Does your Social Media manager have clear guidelines on how to handle your brand? I can help you create policies that will include all topics on how your brand should be handled online, from language and mood down to how to handle a crisis or customer service issues.
  • PROFILE DESIGN: The design of your Social Media profiles can either make or brake your strategy, we can work together on creating something that represents your brand and is also eye-catching to your potential fans.
  • ASSESSMENT OF NEEDS & ACCOUNTS: Is Facebook the best platform for your business? Maybe you can benefit more from Foursquare or even Instagram. I can help you assess your business, your needs and your goals. This will help you make better use of your Social Media efforts for better results. 
  • YOUR WEBSITE: Is your website ready for Social Media? Anything online needs to be tied to your Social Media efforts and vice-versa. I have years of experience working with Digital Advertising and Production, I have the knowledge to help you make sure your website or your blog are ready for any Social Media strategy.

No Social Media strategy will work if you’re not consistent, it takes daily work and engagement to see real results. Fans are not numbers, they’re people who love your brand, talk to them!

  • DAILY ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES: Getting to know what your fans and followers like is no easy task! How can you talk to them if you don’t speak their “language”? I have over 7 years of hands-on experience managing all types of accounts, I can help you find that strategy that will make your profiles interesting, engaging and growing.
  • MANAGEMENT SERVICES: I love speaking for brands and engaging with their fans and I’d be more than happy to do this for you. We can work together on strategies and I will take care of your profiles, from Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare or even Instagram.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING AND/OR SUPERVISION: If you have a larger business maybe you benefit more from keeping your Social Media management “in-house”. Customer service is key for many types of companies and Social Media is key. I can help you by training your Social Media manager including in strategies such as daily management, engagement strategies, organization, etc. In addition to this, I can also help you supervise the efforts and help you make sure your profiles are moving forward positively. 

It’s not easy to create a brand, a name, years of work and efforts can be damaged by a poor Social Media presence.

  • ONLINE BRAND MONITORING: Ask yourself this, are you aware about what other say (or post) about your company? Have you taken the time to look into the feedback from your customers? I can help you monitor your brand and your feedback in order to take action effectively.
  • TARGETED FACEBOOK ADS: Be it to offer your services, promote your business or even grow your Facebook fans, I can help you setup targeted ads no matter your budget.

Measuring your efforts and your results is also key to a good Social Media strategy. What’s the point of all the effort and time if you can’t measure and compare month after month, even learn from what you’re doing on a daily basis.

  • MONTHLY ANALYTICS: Analytics are very important to me, it’s the only way I can see the results of my work. By sharing these with you we can work together on tweaking strategy and making sure we’re taking care of your online needs.
  • MONTHLY REPORTING: With the analytics comes the analysis of what we do every day. Which type of posts are the most popular? Which aren’t? My monthly reports are custom made to your needs, we can review growth, numbers, social media traffic to your website

CONTACT ME… I’d be more than happy to buy you coffee, discuss your ideas and your needs, explore the opportunity of helping you with your Social Media!